15 Harmful Habits That Can Hurt Your Skin

Most of us feel we take good care of our skin, have a regular skin-care regimen and we’re devoting enough time, money and energy to maintain our skin. We could have a bathroom cabinet full of top-quality products and we may be using them all exactly the way the instructions on them tell us to – but then why doesn’t our skin have that baby softness and glow that we want? It comes as a surprise to know that we have inadvertently developed some unhealthy habits that could be working counter to our efforts and undoing all that good work!

1: Leaving It High and Dry


Remember your skin stays moisturized from the inside – so drink plenty of water to keep it hydrated. Water helps to balance pH, flushes toxins, tightens your skin, reduces wrinkles, combats acne/skin-outbreaks and maintains the elasticity that keeps your skin fresh, plumped-up and soft. So how much water should you drink?

Depends on your height, weight, metabolism, the environment and your lifestyle. Water is a simple, convenient and easy way to keep your skin breathing and glowing. And much cheaper!

2: Skimping on the Sunscreen

sunblock creams

Summer or winter, sunscreen is your skin’s best friend. Sun exposure causes dryness, wrinkling, age-spots, pigmentation and blemishes. The sun’s UV rays cause the skin’s elastin and collagen to get damaged, leading to wrinkles, lines and furrows.

You don’t need an expensive sunscreen – just get one that’s right for the kind of exposure you have, keep yourself covered/carry an umbrella, plus make sure you reapply sunscreen regularly through the day.

Do you remember to refresh your sunscreen when you’re outdoors?

3: Mucky Make-up Brushes

Just plain lazy to keep your make-up tools clean and hygienic? They can be the biggest bacteria and allergen traps on your dressing table.

Dirty brushes and make-up tools can contaminate not just your skin but also your beauty products and cosmetics. Schedule once a month to regularly clean your make-up brushes and tools with warm water and mild shampoo/cleanser and dry them well overnight before using them.

Tell us how you keep your make-up brushes and tools fresh and clean.

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