Five Warning Signs It Is Time To Leave Your Job

Many people enter a job because of the money. Once they are earning thousands of dollars, they end up miserable and dissatisfied because they will realize that they are not really tapping into their full potential.


Have you ever wondered if you are in the right career? Does it ever cross your mind that you want to leave your current job? Are you still happy with what you are doing? Are you already stuck in a comfort zone job without you noticing it? Well, here are some signs that will help you answer those questions.


  • You resent all types of projects assigned to you.

If you are already resenting each and every bit of project that you have been tasked to do, then there is a little chance that you are in the wrong job. If you do not like doing a certain task, that is understandable. If you have strong negative feeling about all of your tasks, then there is a negative issue that you need to address right away.

  • You start coming to work late and going home early.

You tend to spend less time at the office because you are no longer feeling happy when you are in it. In fact, you are starting to feel lonely and sad when you are at your office. Because of this, you start to leave your work early and go to your office late.

  • You do not get along with your colleagues.

It is one thing that you hate your job but it is a different thing when you hate everybody at the office. If you do not like your job or the people, then what else reason will you have to stay?

  • You wish to do a career switch but you are afraid to do so.

If fear is the only thing that prevents you from making the move, then it is all the more reason for you to do it.

  • You feel bored and unchallenged at work.

If you do not feel that you are growing mentally and emotionally at work, then you need to look for a job that will satisfy you mentally and emotionally.


Being in the wrong job is certainly one of the most unwanted experiences that you can ever have. If you have felt all the warning signs mentioned above, we highly recommend that you take a moment to stop and evaluate your condition. If you really are getting bored with your job, we recommend that you push past your comfort zone and leave your job to pursue the career that will make you love life.


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