How to Change Your Food Choices For The Gender of Your Baby

Pregnancy is one of the exciting moments of a woman’s life. While this phase of your life comes with many challenges like back pain, nausea and vomiting and other health disasters that you never wish to experience. Despite this, you will say to yourself that everything is worth it once you have finally laid your eyes on your little one.


During your pregnancy, one of the things that you will be excited and intrigued about is the gender of your baby. We are all aware that there are lots of things that can determine the gender of your baby. It is true that we can never choose what gender our baby would be but you will be very happy to know that there are some things that you can do in order to increase the chances in your favor.

Truth is, your dietary choices can have a big impact on what the gender of your baby will be.


Why Your Food Choices Matter


The statement mentioned above is based on the differences of the types of sperm that carries different chromosomes. For your information, the sperm that is capable of carrying the X chromosome needs an alkaline environment in order to egg properly. On the other hand, the sperm carrying the Y chromosome eggs best when they are in an acidic environment. Your food choices can determine the alkalinity and acidity of your body so making the right food choices will ultimately help you to conceive the baby of your dreams.


The Right Food Choices For A Baby Boy



If you wish to have a bouncy and healthy baby boy, then you have to consume more of the food that contain high levels of potassium as well as sodium. This is because these food are actually non acidic by nature and these have high chances in boosting the alkaline levels of your body. With that in mind, food that are highly recommended for you include sweet corn, bananas, sausages and other types of red meat. Even if these food are recommended for you, you must keep in mind that you consume these food in moderation. This must be done in order to achieve a healthy and balanced diet during your pregnancy. You must still stick with proprietary guidelines as your priority.


The Right Food Choices For A Baby Girl


If you wish to have a baby girl, then you must focus on boosting acidity of your body. Because of these, you must eat food that have high levels of calcium and magnesium. Some of the food that are recommended for you include broccoli, grapefruits, leafy and green vegetables, dairy products and apple.


At the end of the day, you will realize that your chances of giving birth to a baby with the gender that you want is 50/50. However, you must keep in mind about the tips given above in mind so you can increase the chances of having a baby with the gender that you wish. When you plan for your pregnancy, you will be able to give birth to the baby of your dreams.


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