Know The Qualities That Make Up A Great Mother

We all look up to our mothers. After all, our mothers know what is best, right? Despite being the superwoman that they are, we should understand the fact that mothers are people too and that is why it is reasonable that each and every mother will have their own personalities, temperament and personality types.


However, there are three qualities that stand out in making mothers a great mothers. Want to know what these are? Read on.


  • Establishing healthy boundaries.

This quality is quite useful when it comes to handling stressful situations including temper tantrums and the likes. The key to establishing healthy boundaries is to be responsive to the child but she must be detached from the conflict. When you maintain healthy boundaries, you can prevent tantrums from ruining the situations you are in. As a result, these events may even become learning experiences for both you and your child.

  • Knowing when to say no and yes.

In the event that you felt negative or positive feelings about an act that her husband or children have done, the mother must be strong enough to express it. She must do so without any remorse or regrets. If your child asked you to do a certain errand, you must say yes only if you do not feel any resentment about doing it. If you say yes but there is resentment, then this passive aggressive act will put a dent in your communication with one another. Keep in mind that you must say no or yes only when you meant it.

  • Not creating any drama at home.

A good mother knows that she is the one responsible in creating the type of atmosphere that her children will grow up in. With this in mind, it is a must for all mothers to try and create a serene and peaceful atmosphere for their children. To do this, she must take control of her responses to high emotion and dramatic situations.

There are some mothers who even promote drama in their lives and at their household. These mothers do so in order to seek fulfillment and attention from their children. The key to being a good mother is to first establish peace and equilibrium with oneself so you can be able to radiate it to her household.



If you wish to be the mother that all mothers look up to, then invest some time and effort in developing the traits mentioned above. It may be difficult but rest assured, it will be worth it.


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