One Simple Fact That Will Change The Way You Think About Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is one of the most difficult condition to battle. There are times when a person suffering from acid reflux cannot be able to speak because of the pain that he is feeling. Additionally, many other people are afraid to eat because of what they will have to go through after eating. What’s worse is that the constant reflux that they experience may even lead to the more painful cancers. The saddest part is, acid reflux is one of the most common conditions that a lot of people are experiencing today.

According to many experts, acid reflux is a condition that is brought about by the wrong food choices. Many of them say that it is the payback of your stomach after you stuff all the wrong foods in it. Other doctors would claim that it is an esophageal problem or it is due to the composition of acids in your body.

According to Nick O’ Connor, the cause of acid reflux is not any of the things mentioned above. The truth is there is a very different suspect that is living in your stomach and it is the cause of all the pain and discomfort that comes with acid reflux. This suspect is no other than the bacteria called H. pylori. According to studies, this bacteria lives in the gut and creates a very hostile environment which leads to acid reflux backslash.

H. pylori is an organism that is not new to the medical profession. Truth is, this organism has been related to different types of gastrointestinal diseases including stomach cancers, stomach ulcers and of course, acid reflux. Since many doctors did not think that this organism is the one causing acid reflux, their treatments and methods are not about removing or getting rid of H. pylori.

Nick O’ Connor also suffered from acid reflux. In fact, he even reached a point where he was lying in a bed at the doctor’s office and even had cancerous cells scraped from his esophageal lining. It was at that point that he was able to realize how dangerous and serious acid reflux can be and he decided to find a way to end this problem. One of his steps was to contact a university biologist named Richard Harrow and he is the one who told Connor about the true cause of acid reflux. More than that, he told Connor that there is actually a quick way on how H. pylori can be removed from the body.

Because of this, Connor was able to come up with a rapid reflux relief that is based on what Harrow told him. Today, all people suffering from acid reflux will surely wish to have rapid reflux relief. The relief that Connor offers is all natural and directly get rids of the cause and not just about managing the symptoms.


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