The 9 books every young girl should be reading

She might seem small and fragile, but someday she would need to be powerful and capable of taking care of herself and the ones she loves. You cannot stop nor delay the hands of time, she will grow into a woman and she has to be prepared for this crazy dog-eat-dog world. Your daughter, no matter how innocent she is right now, has to be molded into a strong and smart woman for the future. Here are nine books that will guide her about life during the early stages.

  1. Imogene’s Last Stand, Author: Candace Fleming, Illustrations: Nancy Carpenter

The lead role of Imogene has so much love for history but her passion was put into test when the town wanted to destroy their Historical Society. She fought with her beliefs while riding around the town dressed like Paul Revere.

  1. Rad American Women A-Z, Author: Katie Schatz , Illustrations: Miriam Klein Stahl

This is a collection of the famous women who have contributed greatly to society. It will truly encourage your baby girl to make a difference for tomorrow.

  1. Judy Moody, Author: Megan McDonald , Illustrations: Peter H. Reynolds

The character of a third grade Judy Moody is full packed with some attitude problems and negative aspirations in life. She often plays offensive games on her brother and makes scenes inside here classroom. She does not show any remorse about what she does. Let your child see what usually happens to kids like Judy Moody and she will learn her lesson well.

  1. Not All Princesses Dress In Pink, Author: Jane Yolen and Heidi E. Y. Stemple, Illustrations: Anne-Sophie Lanquetin

This book gives a new perception of what feminism means. It frees your child’s mind from the stereotype that girls should always wear dresses and look fancy. The book challenges how a girl should behave or enacts and shows that girls have their own way of carrying themselves.

  1. Grace For President, Author: Kelly S. DePucchio, Illustrations: LeUyen Pham

When her teacher showed the pictures of the previous to present presidents of United States, Grace asked one shocking question. “Where are the girls?”, she asked and things get more interesting starting that point.

  1. Madeline, Author/Illustration: Ludwig Bemelmans

This classic children book is about a girl who is different from the others. She has a very admirable courage as she is not scared of her individuality or some kinds of exotic and wild animals.

  1. Matilda,Author: Roald Dahl, Illustrations: Quentin Blake

Who would not know the famous Matilda and her encouraging story? You might have even watched her story on the book’s movie version. Share the beauty of believing on your own inner power to your child as she reads this book.

  1. The Princess Knight, Author: Cornelia Funke, Illustrations: Kirsten Meyer

Most princesses wait in a tower for a handsome prince charming to save her. However, Violet went out of her comfort zone to prove that she can be as good as her brothers.

  1. Harriet The Spy, Author: Louise Fitzhugh

Harriet is an amateur spy who is fond of writing every detail. She likes eating sandwiches while dressing up like a boy. Amid her adventures, you will still see that she is just any other normal girl going through the pressure of growing up.   Share this post now and help girls find the perfect book for them!


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