The Hazards Of Choking On Babies: What Can Parents Do?

We all know that as parents, you love your child unconditionally. This is probably the most unconditional love you could ever give to someone. Be it as it may, what will you do if something takes away the life of your child from you? You will be pretty much devastated. Choking is one of the leading causes of deaths on infants. It happens when your child picks up a small object, carries it into the mouth and blocks the airway. It is a serious condition that may take away your baby’s life.

How do you prevent it? Here are few tips on how you could prevent an infant from choking.

  • Never trust your babies. They are called babies for a reason– you need to take care of them. They are not capable of thinking logically. These small individuals only know how to cry, eat, and smile. They cannot tell you if they feel bad, they just cry. Never trust them my leaving them alone in a room. They may ingest something and the next thing you know, they can’t breathe.
  • Keep small objects away from the reach of your child. Babies are always curious. They will reach out to whatever looks attractive in their sight and put it in their mouth. It is a motor characteristic of an infant to mostly bring everything they hold into their mouth. Give them larger objects that they cannot swallow instead of tiny ones that can block their airways.
  • Choose the right food for their age. Actually, it is about choosing the proper size of food for them. Anything smaller than D battery is a choking hazard.

Signs And Symptoms Of A Choking Baby

  • Bluish nails and skin discoloration. The skin gets bluish because of the lack of oxygen in the circulatory system.
  • Difficulty of breathing- ribs and chest pulls inward. The child’s instinct is to gasp air, but the blockage prevents it.
  • Incapacity to make a sound or cry. There will be no noises coming out from the baby because vibrations in the vocal chords cannot be done without air.
  • Loss of consciousness if the blocked object is not removed. As the oxygen runs out of the baby’s system including the brain, it will make them drowsy and will lose their consciousness.

What could you do when you are faced on this situation?

Caution: do not perform the following if the child is crying loud or producing strong coughs, it may help the baby naturally spit out the blocking object.

  • Lay the baby down in supine (face down) position on your forearm with support coming from your legs or lap. Hold the jaw and put the face lower than the body. As soon as the baby is positioned properly, give 5 quick back slaps on the center of the child’s shoulder blades.
  • If the blocking object still does not dislodge, turn the child facing upward and give 5 trusts on the chest just below the baby’s nipples.
  • If the object is still not spitted by the baby, repeat the cycle again.
  • If the baby becomes unconscious, call the physician immediately.

You have the power to prevent and save your child from choking, spread the news. Share this article for everyone’s awareness.

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