These Tips Can Make Your Sex Life Way Hotter!

Many people think that the only way to arouse the sexual desires of their partners is through touch. For your information, there is actually a more effective way to evoke sexual desires in your partner and it is no other than words.


Yep, dirty talk is one of most controversial aspect of a sexual life. Many experts actually claim that men tend to get more aroused when their partners moan, scream or whisper sexy phrases in their ears rather than just by simply receiving touches. With this, starting your sexual escapades with dirty talk is the best way to go.


So, how do you start slow and try to build up the climax to the racier stuff? Well, here are some tips:


  • When you are horny, tell him.


Most ladies are afraid to speak their mind for the fear of looking or sounding like a slut. Well, feel free to feel and sound like a slut with your partner. You will be amazed at how horny you feel when having sex and you will be stunned with the various dirty thoughts that will consume you during the act. The key here is to not push it off but instead, embrace it. Voice your thoughts out and you will be amazed at how sexy and hot the sex will turn out to be!

  • Talk like a mistress.


They say that the reason why there are third parties in a relationship is the fact that the wife or the partner tends to be a bit prude and boring. The thing they love about mistresses is that they can get it all out– they can make your partners feel sexy and hot and powerful. Well, there is nothing wrong if you will be the one to do that. During your sexy time, go all out with your thoughts and words.

  • Find a great way to say it.
Young couple drinking wine and having fun
Young couple drinking wine and having fun

Sometimes, it is not about what you say– it is about how you say it. It is best that you lean closely to your partner’s ears. Do it softly and breathlessly. Avoid doing it in a sweet way cause you will end up looking like a giggling highschool girl. Instead, be confident and look and sound sexy.

At times, you do not need words to let your man feel sexy. One of the sexiest sounds that turn on a man is the moans that his partner creates when having sex. This is one great way for you to show your appreciation with what your partner is doing. Before you stop yourself and your loud moans, think about what it can do for you and your sex life. Just go aahhh everytime he thrust you deeply and he will surely get hornier.




Know how to talk dirty to your partner and make him want you more. For sure, your sex life and relationship will be at its best! If you think this post can help a lot of your friends and family members, then do not hesitate to share it!


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