When You Alone Is Your Own Hero

War, massive typhoons, famine and earthquakes are just few of the threats in this world. These happenings can bring an unimaginable chaos and deaths to many people. Though the government has numerous strategies on combating the destructive and fatal effects of these calamities, there is an enormous chance that help will be meager or worst unavailable.

It is fearful enough that some destructive events could hit you and leave you vulnerable, if not lifeless. However the greatest threat lies on the aftermath of the disparaging event, when water supply is not available, food is limited, there is untidiness everywhere and the people are getting sick. Moreover, there will be corpses around you slowly decaying, and suddenly the place will be haven for the tiniest and deadliest murderers of all times― bacteria, viruses and all forms of microorganisms that cause diseases.

Here is a story of Robert and his dad. They were living a happy and content life in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit the land. You could imagine what they have gone through, but you know what? They both survived after Katrina battered and crushed their place. They made it alive! But things went out of hand the following days Robert’s dad became weaker and sicker until he died. The thing is, his dad did not lose his life during the devastating calamity, his breath ceased because got sick and the medical assistance during the aftermath was limited and almost unavailable. The poor father died because a tiny wound on his ankle was infected. Come to think of it, how could you lose your love ones without a good fight?

Things could have been changed for Robert and his dad if people were more knowledgeable. He could have saved his dad and they may have been happily together up to now. If only he knew that there is something he could have done to relieve the pain of his dad and disinfect that tiny wound. However, things cannot be undone, and today, their story is a wake-up call for every single soul in this earth. It is about time to be enlightened and see that everyone can make a difference. You could save a life. You could be your hero if no one else could, and it was the time that Robert realized that no one should experience what happened to him. He gathered all his strength and resources to compile ideas on how to survive crisis and have come up with the brilliant Survival MD.

Survival MD is compressed and full-packed of information that you can use once a crisis hits you. It will educate you on the things that you need to know when medical help is out. You will learn about the preventive and curative management of some illnesses that usually arise during calamities. You do not need to be a doctor or a healthcare provider to understand what is in the Survival MD as a twelve year old can easily digest the terminologies used. Survival MD is designed for regular people to learn how to be extraordinary when it comes to managing the diseases caused by disasters.


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