Your Dishwasher Can Be Harmful For Your Children!

These days, there is a significant rise on the number of kids developing allergies in the United States. Skin asthma, bronchial asthma, eczema and allergic rhinitis are just few of what are taking over the charts. In addition, more and more individuals are suddenly developing acute allergies. Your children become sensitive as they grow, and allergic attacks happen to be more frequent. Who is to blame? It might be your dishwasher.

The “hygiene Hypothesis” is based on the idea that when children are exposed young on certain microorganisms, they tend to develop certain resistance on some diseases and allergies by having the young immune system in constant engagement.

In a recent study, it was then revealed that your dishwashers may be one od the causes of allergies on your children. A professor on children allergies, Bill Hesselmar of Sweden’s Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital, stated that “We have only tested an association between dishwashing methods and risk of allergy, but the findings fit well with the hygiene hypothesis. And there are studies showing that hand dishwashing very often is less effective than machine dishwashing in reducing bacterial content,”. Furthermore the gentleman said, “We therefore speculate that hand dishwashing is associated with increased microbial exposure, causing immune stimulation and, hence, less allergy,”. With these things being said by a professional, it only goes to show that the potentials of having a dishwasher may affect the quality of lives of your children.

The study took place when 1,000 children were interviewed about their allergies in relation to the sanitation of their household kitchen areas. They were also asked about how much fermented and farm direct foods were eaten by the kids. And the following were the statistics the research has been gathered:

  • 12% of the subjects washes their dishes by hands
  • Stating that there are 120 kids washing their dishes by hands, 50% of this count has less chance of developing allergies in compassion to those who have dishwashers at home.
  • Those who have dishwashers have relatively high rates of eczema (38%) and asthma (7.3%) compared to those who are using hand washing in dishes who has 23% for eczema and 1.7% of asthma.

The data shows that there is a huge difference between the number of children with allergies and without allergies based on the way they sanitize their dishes. The results went in favor of those who traditionally wash their dishes. The study has to account on other possible allergens like pets and dusts.

As parents, it is your duty to safeguard your children’s health. The society has produced different appliances to sanitize the materials they use for eating. This is to guarantee that you are doing all you can to save them from the most common to deadliest illnesses. As much as you love your children and you would like to save them from the threats of diseases, it turns out that the materials we use at home could be counterproductive. Exposing your children to little microbes may actually benefit their welfare.

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